Rail Passes with Reservations

Why travel with a Rail Pass

The main advantages of traveling with a rail pass are cost and flexibility.

First, a rail pass is usually more cost effective when you plan on taking three trips or more compared to individual train tickets. And the more you travel, the better the value since the cost of the rail pass is fixed regardless of how many trips you take.

The second benefit to a rail pass is flexibility. With most train tickets you have to decide on your train, date and time of travel in advance. Just define the boundary of the geographical area you plan on visiting and you can then decide your final itinerary as you go, while you’re in Europe, without being bound to the specific trains and travel times of train tickets.

Popular Rail Passes

Special Deals and Promotions

German Rail Pass Promotion

Traveling through the German countryside.

Book the German Rail Pass Promotion to enjoy 10% off the 5-days or 20% off the 10-days-within-1-month German Rail Pass. Just book by April 29, 2014.

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25% Off 4 & 8-Day Swiss Passes

Glacier Express Train

Get 25% off a 4- or 8-day consecutive first class Swiss Pass when you book the Swiss Pass Promotion by May 20 for travel April 1- May 31.

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